Must Have product for your Baby Bag 👀

MilkBrain Baby Cover

We saw the idea of this amazing multi-use cover back in the fall of 2016. We just had welcomed our third baby a few months earlier so this cover that was so versatile was something we wanted to try out ourselves. MilkBrain Baby was launched a few months later starting out with teething accessories and the stretchy car seat covers.

The MilkBrain Baby Cover is a product that appeals to a lot of moms because of its ability to do some many things it's like the Swiss Army knife of baby products. It can be used as -

* a car seat cover, when stretched over the car seat this cover becomes a barrier for light wind/rain
* a high chair cover, with the smaller opening placed in the seat of the high chair fabric can be pulled over the sides and on the tray ( never worry about sticky gross restaurant high chairs again)
* A shopping cart cover, again smaller top opening put on the seat of the car and the rest pulled around the sides(I personally never thought I'd use my cover for the shopping cart but when my youngest started hardcore teething it became amazing knowing she wasn't chomping down on the geeky handle anymore)
* The best nursing cover - pop it over your head and pull down and you have a great full coverage cover to nurse. No more annoying buckles and no more hot fussy baby as our covers are either rayon or light cotton all with great breathability
* A blanket, out for a walk and forgot a blanket, this cover can be tucked around baby either in the stroller or baby carrier for a light blanket.

We have six different fabrics right now and two different materials.

Rayon/Cotten Blend - our lightest and softest cover this fabric has amazing stretch. You can buy this cover in either black/grey stripe, tulip or Banff mountain print.

Cotten Blend- this cover is heavier than our rayon covers as it's made with primarily Cotten. It has good stretch however less that the above covers, we have these covers in our bestseller foxy print as well as the grey arrows.

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